NZ's Biggest Collection of Quality Hard Shell Roof Tents

We ONLY Sell True Commerical-Grade Roof Tents!

If your budget is lower than the products on this page, see our Series 3 roof tents here. If cheaper hard shell roof tents were good, we'd sell them too.

The best roof tents are the best EVERYWHERE. Quality is the only distinguishing factor!

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XpeditioNZ SUB60 Hard Shell Roof Tent Range

2 Chassis Sizes, 3 Canvas Colours, Blackout Options


With 8 premium hard shell roof tent models & variants, we have NZ's biggest range!

Move up to true commercial-grade, globally proven hard shell roof tents that are WORLD's APART on materials quality, performance, supreme comfort and longevity.

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Coming to NZ soon - EEZI-AWN SWORD family size aluminium hard shell roof tent!

An all new model from the world's pre-eminent roof tent brand.

Landing Oct/Nov, limited stock! Get in touch to reserve one.