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Hard Shell Roof Tents...

...In an ENTIRELY other league!

Maxxis Razr AT_XpeditioNZ-10.jpg

It Costs a Little More for Much Better Roof Tents

Priced Up To $5K

  • Rebranded Chinese products. (Including all NZ/Aussie brands)

  • 40mm to 60mm mattresses typical

  • Lower quality canvas. Polyester/oxford common (avoid!!!)

  • Poor insulation, typically none.

Priced $5K to $7k 

  • Not from China. Globally proven brands

  • Superior comfort & performance, in all climates 

  • Superior South African woven polycotton canvas - can last decades

  • 70mm to 80mm mattresses

  • Properly insulated aluminium shells

  • Much longer product life, true investment