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Returns & Warranty Policy

We strongly encourage you to either visit us, or contact us by email or phone before you purchase. That way, we can ensure you’re getting the correct items to suit your needs.

If you order the incorrect item, contact us to enquire if it can be returned or exchanged or not. If a return/exchange is agreed the item must be in brand new condition (packaging too). If the products or the packaging are not in ‘new’ condition, the item may not be accepted for return. Where a refund is offered a fair restocking fee may be applied.


Freight charges you incur returning items to us, whether for return, exchange or warranty inspection/repair, will be at your cost. Some of the large, bulky items we sell are expensive to transport around New Zealand, so please choose your purchases carefully. Refunds processed will be for the item purchased, but not for the original shipping costs, which are irrecoverable. If you originally received a product free of charge for freight, there will still have been an underlying freight cost to us, which will need to be taken into account - this will be deducted from the amount refunded. Card processing fees are not recoverable and will be deducted from the refund.

We cannot refund if you simply ‘change your mind’ on a purchase.

If there is any dispute, we will always work to handle the situation fairly. Of course, we will always meet our obligations under the Consumer Guarantees Act.

Please contact us for a return authorisation at:

Once your returned item is received back we will inspect and, subject to satisfaction with the condition of the item and its packaging, issue your refund within 5 working days. Please note it may take a further day or two to reflect on your bank statement.

If there is a fault with your new product, we will arrange repair or replacement, as we deem to be the most appropriate course of action.

Warranty is 'return to base'. You must bring or freight the item to us for inspection/repair/replacement. This will be at your cost, however for accepted warranty claims where items have been freighted to us we will freight them back to you at our cost.

Specific Warranty Exclusions:

Wind Damage - Is not covered as a warranty claim. This usually applies to awnings and roof tents, but may apply to any product suffering wind damage. This is common industry practice - other sellers and manufacturers commonly exclude wind damage from warranty. And we can get very strong gale force wind gusts in NZ in exposed places, so bear this in mind when setting up tents and especially awnings. Some of our awning models are capable of withstanding very high winds, but all products will have their limits. It is also possible that the eventual failure point may not be the awning, but what it is attached to, such as your roof rack. You are responsible for ensuring the awning is appropriately robustly mounted and either guying/pegging, or putting it away, if the winds are very strong.

Mould/Mildew Damage - Any tent, roof or ground, can relatively quickly grow mould/mildew if left packed up wet for too long. You are responsible for regularly airing and checking your tent, ideally weekly, which is not hard to do in the case of hard shell roof tents. Note that hard shell roof tents can get condensation even when closed and not in use! Should a tent suffer a malfunction that permits water ingress in the closed position, and if you are not routinely inspecting & airing the tent, the first you might find out about the situation is when you next open the tent and find it wet inside, and potentially mouldy too. In such a situation repair of the tent malfunction - i.e. where there is an identifiable failure point that permitted the water ingress - will be covered under warranty. But repair/replacement/cleaning of mould & mildew damage will not be covered under warranty.  

Original purchaser only. Our product warranty covers the original purchaser of the product from us only - our direct customer. Our warranty does not extend to cover products sold by the original purchaser to a 3rd party.

If anything is unclear or you have more questions feel free to contact us at

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