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About Us

100% NZ Owned and Based.  We're NZ's Local Global Experts!


Tajikistan/Afghanistan border 

P1200140 (1) (1).jpg

North Africa's Sahara Desert 

Ship - Rhino Rack removed.jpg

Aralkum Desert, Uzbekistan... once known as the Aral Sea


Our camp in a miniature oasis, amidst giant sand dunes in Mongolia's Gobi Desert, near the border with China


Some still inhabited villages in North Africa's Sahara Desert aren't even on the map and can be a 'surprise find'.

P1080041 (2)_LI.jpg

Another of our fully exposed camps in Mongolia's isolated Gobi Desert.  XpeditioNZ is your source for this quality of overland equipment in NZ


Countless miles of lonely dirt track inside the military controlled zone between Kyrgyzstan and China.  Special permission is needed to access routes like these.


It's not BP, it's not Mobil... but in a remote corner of Tajikistan, this is what a petrol station looks like


Stay cautious along the Afghanistan border.  It's mostly safe, but know before you go which side valleys around here still have landmines.  Overlanding abroad requires a broader set of skills, knowledge, preparation & self-sufficiency than when we're at home in NZ.


And where you'll usually find us: at home in New Zealand's stunning South Island!

All images on this page are from our own collection, captured by us on our past foreign 4wd expeditions.

XpeditioNZ brings unparralleled experience to the NZ market

Whether at home in New Zealand, or testing a new route through Mongolia's Gobi Desert, pre-Covid XpeditioNZ conducted fascinating private worldwide 4wd expeditions & overland travel adventures.  Over the years, we've been active in dozens of countries on 5 continents.  Covid thwarted (for now at least!) our plans to offer 'XpeditioNZ expeditions' commercially, making it possible for small groups (with no 4wd or overland travel experience required) to enjoy an experience of a lifetime, using our fleet of specially prepared 4wd's and following the GPS routes we've spent years plotting, testing and recording across remote and fascinating parts of our planet.  If that sounds of interest then have a look here and get in touch.  


We've established the XpeditioNZ store in order to supply New Zealand with a much higher quality of overland travel gear.  Whether for use at home or abroad, our products are simply better.  We didn't always have access to superior quality gear!  We started out with some of the same overhyped Chinese made, Australia/NZ 'overland brands' that many of you are using or considering now.  We learned from experience that MUCH better gear exists, but it hasn't been available in NZ, until now.  Often it is the case that only a small extra spend can get you far better quality, more durable gear.  Some of our gear isn't any more expensive at all, leading on both quality and price! (Our EEZI-AWN K9 roof racks are a prime example).


But our philosophy isn't only about selling/using the most robust and durable gear just for the sake of it - our genuinely higher quality brands and products are also far more comfortable and so much nicer to use day-in-day-out.  And the long run value for money of the equipment we sell is simply miles ahead of the competition!

For anyone preparing a vehicle here in NZ, with plans to eventually take it global, we're happy to help out with what you should know about keeping your vehicle running reliably on harsh continents, where the fuel quality and availability may vary considerably and daytime temps may vary between minus 15 degrees and positive 55 degrees, all on the same journey!  We already consult, freely, assisting others to take their overlanding passion global.  As for the gear you will need for that kind of adventure, from roof tents to roof racks and awnings, or a canopy for your ute that's strong enough to go the distance, we're about NZ's only supplier with the brands and quality you will need!

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