Awnings & Awning Enclosures/Rooms


Only real 'Cape Town woven' polycotton canvas performs like this under NZ's harsh sun!

NZ's Highest Quality Shade. Not all Shade is Created Equal!

No polyester/Oxford 420D/620D plastic fabrics

Not Chinese grades of polycotton canvas

Superior South African woven polycotton canvas performs like nothing else!

Compare an EEZI-AWN awning next to others under NZ's harsh sun and you'll quickly discover which you'd rather be under.


Made with the same superior South African woven canvas as EEZI-AWN's globally proven roof tents, and those have been proven on every continent on Earth for decades. 


A little more cost, but far better quality!

EEZI-AWN BAT270 - 270 Degrees of Shade in 47 Seconds**

**"Deploying the awning unsupported from start to finish can only be described as effortless, and took just 47 seconds, the quickest recorded time of any product in the test".  Awnings product test by Expedition Portal