EEZI-AWN Bat 270

EEZI-AWN BAT270 (Freestanding-Capable) Awning

The main reason to buy an EEZI-AWN awning is not the rapid setup time, or the ability to freestand in low wind conditions. It's the South African woven polycotton canvas. This is what really sets EEZI-AWN awnings apart from the rest, makes them perform better under NZ sun, and last much longer.


Top Features

  • Freestanding without legs on windless days. But use common sense - drop some legs when needed and don't leave unattended with all legs up.

  • Real South African woven polycotton canvas is a gamechanger!  Vastly superior performance under NZ's harsh sun & much longer lasting compared to awnings made with synthetic/plastic fabrics.

  • Super fast setup - one person in under a minute. You'll use these far more often than awnings that must have their legs deployed every time. Quick lunch stop etc.

  • A globally proven South African engineered awning, from the preeminent global brand, for not a lot more money = superior value for money.

  • Compatible with a fast setup wall system, also made from South African polycotton canvas


EEZI-AWN awnings are only ever made with superior, South African woven polycotton canvas.  Other awnings sold in NZ are typically made with synthetic plastic fabrics (polyester/oxford).  Does it really make that much of a difference?  Yes, a HUGE difference.  We've learned from experience not to take anything but real canvas on XpeditioNZ expeditions, at home or abroad.  Our EEZI-AWN awnings are proven around the globe to be the ultimate in performance & longevity anywhere, but they're especially effective under our harsh NZ sun. 


Awnings are not created equal!

They all look awe-inspiring in social media ads... our EEZI-AWN awnings offer the real world experience to match! Other awnings & wall kits can look as good, but most don't perform nearly as well.

A high quality awning is one of our favourite and most used pieces of equipment we take on our travels.  But stand under an awning made with polyester or plastic/oxford fabric in full NZ sun and you'll experience an unpleasant 'radiation-like' feeling.  (This applies equally to synthetic fabrics marked UVF50+).  Add a wall kit made with that same synthetic fabric and it will look fantastic on Instagram... just don't try to actually go inside!  Only do that with real polycotton canvas.


There's no better polycotton canvas than the canvas woven in Cape Town, South Africa - it's what all our EEZI-AWN awnings are made with!  


EEZI-AWN's canvas not only performs better in NZ's harsh sun, it also lasts longer.  Cotton based canvas significantly outlasts plastic fabrics, both under the sun and when folded up on a vehicle in motion.  Real canvas has a naturally greater capacity to resist layered fabric friction.    

Our EEZI-AWN range of real cotton based canvas, South African engineered awnings are simply exceptional.  These are an unbeatable value for money investment. 


N.B. the wall kit pictured is an optional extra available separately in our store.

  • Specifications

    • Weight: 21kg
    • Length: 2.3m long
    • 260 gsm superior South African woven polycotton canvas in beige
    • Aluminium legs and rafters.  Rafters finished in black powder coat
    • Super strong chassis allows 1.5m mounting point overhang
    • Black PVC UV resistant bag with YKK zipper


GST Included |
Colour: Beige canvas with black rafters