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For 40 years the global benchmark by which all roof top tents are measured.  

EEZI-AWN Jazz Roof Top Tent

40 Years of Superior, Original South African Roof Top Tents


The roof top tent brand preferred by the world's most serious 4wd overlanders for decades.


EEZI-AWN roof top tents are often copied, but remain very much set apart by the superior grades of South African woven canvas. Not a single NZ brand roof top tent is made with this superior canvas! All are made with cheaper Chinese fabrics.


Real South African canvas together with hard wood base boards offers the ultimate in performance and comfort. EEZI-AWN fly sheets are NOT polyester, they're instead constructed from reinforced, UV stable PVC... much better!


Best of all EEZI-AWN roof top tents have a considerably lower profile on your vehicle roof in transit and offer faster setup/packup times!