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EEZI-AWN Series 3 Roof Top Tent, 1600mm

EEZI-AWN Series 3 Roof Top Tent, 1600mm

One only at this price!


EEZI-AWN's most popular & premium model, repeatedly proven on every continent on Earth to be the very best. 


"The roof tent that your heirs will fight over"...

..."Setup is one of the easiest in the test, taking barely three minutes. The 700-denier PVC cover features welded seams and is removed by loosening a ratcheting strap and folding it up; this saves considerable time and energy".   Scott Brady - Publisher & Co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal.


Top Features


  • Proven pedigree:  The ultimate heavy duty canvas tent, from the world's pre-eminent roof tent manufacturer, with nearly 40 years in the business.  The final evolution of decades of testing and development on every continent on Earth. 

  • Faster to setup than other canvas roof tents!  EEZI-AWN travel covers don't have a fiddly zip, instead they have an innovative built-in ratcheting mechanism.  A group product test by Expedition Portal found this made EEZI-AWN tents one of the easiest and fastest to setup.

  • 360gsm real South African woven (not Chinese) polycotton canvas.  This is the canvas sometimes referred to as 'military spec' - there is nothing else like it in NZ. It cannot be compared by fabric weight (gsm) alone. See/feel this canvas at one of our upcoming exhibits to appreciate the quality difference. Canvas of this specification is known to last many, many years, when properly cared for.

  • SABS approved mattress.  The 65mm covered mattress is approved by the South African Bureau of Standards.  EEZI-AWN goes to lengths to ensure their tents are as comfortable as they are durable.

  • No polyester - not even the tent fly!  EEZI-AWN tent fly's are uniquely constructed from UV stabilised, reinforced PVC. This is unique among roof tents, but is in keeping with EEZI-AWN's philosophy of only using the finest materials.   

  • Superior meranti reinforced, plywood baseboard.  Rebranded Chinese made tents, as typically sold in NZ, went in the direction of aluminium baseboards (aluminium being a very poor insulator!) to drive lower production cost. The original and pre-eminent South African roof tent designers (not only EEZI-AWN) continue to specify more costly real wood baseboards, because their objective is to make the world's superior performing tents. No other baseboard material insulates like real solid core meranti reinforced plywood, and everything that assists in reducing condensation in your roof tent is very welcome indeed.

  • Combines perfectly with an EEZI-AWN BAT270 or Swift Awning. Whilst we don't have an annex/room for the Series 3, it pairs up perfectly with either of these EEZI-AWN awnings, both of which have optional wall enclosure systems available and - importantly - these are also constructed from real South African woven canvas. The price difference between the Series 3 and the Xklusive-T Top is sufficient to fully cover the cost of one of these wall enclosure systems, so it's a great alternative to consider. 

  • A real investment.  Whether you're keeping for the long term or later wish to sell, we believe this combination of superior quality, longer life materials and ultimate global brand, will retain value better.


Predecessor models trace their roots back to the 1980's, with today's Series 3 the result of continual refinement over decades.  As a true commercial grade product the Series 3 is one of the few tents durable enough to be relied on for serious 4wd excursions across the harshest environments on Earth, but they're also simply the most comfortable & best performing tents to use day-in-day-out.  EEZI-AWN tents exude quality and will provide years of superior service in NZ.  


These are by some distance the very best soft shell roof tents available in NZ.  At this level of original design, globally proven pedigree, superior materials quality (especially the South African woven 360gsm canvas, meranti reinforced plywood baseboards and SABS approved 65mm mattress), NZ's local assortment of rebranded, Chinese made tents simply cannot compare.  Our 'Series 3' and 'Xklusive T-Top' models are handmade by expert craftsmen/craftswomen at EEZI-AWN's world leading facility in South Africa, where the world's finest roof tents have long originated from. 



4wd rental fleets serving day-in-day-out in Africa typically specify EEZI-AWN tents up top (mounted on EEZI-AWN roof racks and load bars).  You can expect years of comfortable & dependable service.

  • Specifications

    Weight: 60kg

    Open Dimensions: 2440mm x 1600mm x 1300mm high

    Closed Dimensions: 1220mm x 1600mm x 280mm high

$3,390.00 Regular Price
$2,590.00Sale Price
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