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Proudly distributed in NZ by XpeditioNZ


One of the World's Most Proven Aluminium Ute Canopy Brands

Built with 25 Years experience

Manufacturer's 10 year frame guarantee


Unbeaten for Access!

The Ute Canopy with Much Bigger Side Access Doors


Unbeatable Access!

Much bigger side access doors!

Unique Suspension Base Rubber

Supports serious roof loads

Class-leading weather & dust proof

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Unrivalled Strength

Load Tested to 2.5 Tonnes!


NZ's only canopy with 300kg dynamic load capacity 

Yet lighter than plastic and fibreglass ute canopies

Trade, Fleet & Dealer Enquiries Welcome

XpeditioNZ is proudly the exclusive & very passionate NZ importer. Contact us.

Ute Canopy Accessories


Bolt-Together Aluminium Ute Canopies Are Not of Comparable Capability

As of late the New Zealand market has a number of relatively new aluminium ute canopies. It's more important than ever to know what you're actually getting before you buy! Some aluminium ute canopies supplied as flat-packs (i.e. requiring you to bolt them together) are of low quality and significantly misrepresent their load capacity.

Despite several relatively new, local brands of aluminium ute canopies claiming to be designed either locally or in Australia, visually it's plainly obvious they're the same thing, offered under different brand names. All these ute canopies are sourced from China and all are copies of the original RSI brand canopy from South Africa. Claims of local design are false.


The original RSI ute canopies have a 150kg dynamic load capacity (half that of a Bushtech ute canopy and barely sufficient for serious overland builds), so Chinese copies claiming load capacities of up to 300kg are highly dubious!


A representative for a Chinese factory making these copy aluminium ute canopies advised us that their true dynamic load capacity is 100kg maximum. Claims of up to 300kg would be a reference to the static load capacity these ute canopies may have. I.e. the load capacity that applies only if you leave your ute parked and never drive it! It is of course seriously misleading for a seller to offer only a single load capacity for a ute canopy and then give the static capacity, without making crystal clear to potential buyers that it is a static limit. A misled ute owner could cause a serious road accident if they drive NZ roads, at up to 100kph, unwittingly up to 300% overloaded! 


Bushtech canopies are the only aluminium ute canopies in New Zealand's engineered to handle a genuine 300kg dynamic load capacity. This has been borne out in static load tests of up to 2.5 tonnes.

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