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No One Builds Aluminium Ute Canopies like Bushtech! 

Built with Passion & 25 Years Experience. 

Proven in the Heat & Dust of Africa. 

Now the Best Ute Canopies in NZ!

Internationally Respected Bushtech Aluminium Ute Canopies Are the Best You Can Buy in New Zealand

Superior to Fibreglass & Plastic Canopies. Better engineering, design and quality of finish compared to other aluminium canopies in New Zealand.

  • Huge 300kg Load Rating (2.5 tonnes tested)

  • Superior Quality of Finish

  • Africa Proven Dust Proofing!

  • Maximum Security

  • Roof Load Ready

  • Built with 25 Years Experience


NZ's strongest ute canopies are also lighter! Typical 65kg


Accessories Available

  • Clip in cupboards & other storage solutions

  • Lighting options - dual colour LED

  • Rear window security mesh insert

  • Stainless steel slide out table

  • Ceiling cargo net


Full Size Gullwing Doors - Superior Access

Rubber seals on the door, not frame!

Load/unload gear without damaging rubber seals


Ready to slide in Roof Rack or Load Bars

  • All our ute canopies come standard with heavy duty tracks on top

  • Easily slide in our platform rack or load bar kits

  • Stronger, fully welded construction

  • Powder coated stainless steel fitting hardware


300KG Dynamic Load Rating!
NZ's Strongest by Far.

How Do Bushtech Aluminium Ute Canopies Compare?

1. Much Higher Quality of Finish

Bushtech never powder coats directly over unfinished welds!

This is not always apparent when comparing products by online photos, but see them 'in the flesh' and most will appreciate the superior finish quality of a Bushtech aluminium ute canopy.

Alucab close up.jpg

Another South African brand sold in NZ


Bushtech Canopy
No exposed welds
Superior finish quality
Suits premium utes

Dark Grey Canopy Shown

2. Engineering Superiority

It's not by chance that Bushtech canopies are the strongest and most dust-free!

Bushtech canopy doors are reinforced with a unique high-strength sub frame. This prevents the door from twisting when driving pot-holed roads, rough tracks or corrugations, keeping door sealing rubbers in constant contact and keeping dust/weather out!

The first canopy below lacks similar reinforcement/engineering to the Bushtech canopy, with brackets for the gas struts cheaply riveted directly to the outer door skin - this also results in unsightly rivets visible from the exterior. Bushtech gas struts mount to their reinforced frame, not the door skin. Same with the locks on a Bushtech canopy - this is superior engineering.


Another South African brand sold in NZ


Bushtech Canopy

3. Superior Standard Inclusions

NZ Spec Original Series Bushtech Canopy Standard Features:

  • Cab slider front glass

  • Shatterproof, laminated 6mm rear glass

  • Pressure equalising vent, with filter

  • Optional sliding side glass windows for side doors (pets) installed in NZ on request

  • Almost limitless accessories, upgrades, custom build options

  • Superior sealing & load carrying rubbers! A point of great pride at Bushtech

  • Combine a Bushtech canopy with the Bushtech load box dust sealing kit for the ultimate dust-free canopy experience


View our Walk-Through Video

Bushtech Aluminium canopy
Bushtech aluminium canopy

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