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Bushtech canopy Jeep Gladiator

Bushtech Aluminium Canopy for Jeep Gladiator

N.B. Photos show two-tone black frame with dark grey doors. NZ stock is all black. Other styles by request.


10 Year Manufacturer's Frame Guarantee... Genuine Quality!


Bushtech aluminium ute canopy to fit Jeep Gladiator.


Bushtech Canopies at a Glance:

  • Fully welded construction is far superior to canopies that bolt-together.
  • Strongest frame on the market permits much bigger side access doors.
  • Supplied fully assembled for quick, easy install.
  • Uniquely braced/framed doors. 
  • Unrivalled Dust & Weatherproofing.

  • Proven international brand. Genuine quality.



  • NZ leading 300kg dynamic load capacity. Tested to 2.5 tonnes!
  • Typical weight 65kg... that's even lighter than plastic/fibreglass canopies!


The quality of finish on Bushtech aluminium canopies puts them in a class of their own. Tig welds hand finished until seamless. One of the few canopies being fitted on brand new utes at NZ dealerships.


Super premium powder coatings that need to be seen up close to be appreciated. The superior quality powder finish applied to Bushtech canopies is not only more aesthetic, it's also a more durable and scratch resistant coating.


Bushtech canopies ride on a very unique, 20mm thick suspension base rubber. This not only achieves supperior dust & weatherproofing, but aids Bushtech Canopies in delivering their unique 300kg dynamic load carrying capacity, including in off-road settings.


Bushtech doors are reinforced with a unique internal bracing that enhances rigidity, dust & weatherproofing and security. No rivets/fasteners appear through the door skins on Bushtech Canopies! It's this bracing others lack that explains why when you close a Bushtech canopy door from just one edge, it closes with minimal flex. Locks and gas struts mount to this unique bracing, not the canopy door skins. When driving off-road or on rough gravel roads, Bushtech's internal door bracing keeps door seals tightly compressed against the frame, achieving superior dust ingress protection that's proven Africa-proof!


Continuous Weatherproof Door Hinges. Rated to 50,000 cycles!


Supplied Ready for Roof Loads. All Bushtech canopies come with heavy duty tracks on top as standard, ready to simply slide in one of our platform roof rack or load bar kits.


Supplied Fully Made Up & Ready to Install. No assembly required of these tig welded canopies. Step-by-step photo instructions provided for straightforward DIY install.


NZ Network of Bushtech Canopy Installers. Want a professional install? We have installers in most regions of NZ. Get in touch.

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