For nearly 40 years South African made EEZI-AWN tents have been the global benchmark by which all roof tents are measured.  

Now available in NZ, our EEZI-AWN range is by far the best available. 

EEZI-AWN Xklusive T-Top

EEZI-AWN's iconic flagship model, repeatedly proven on every continent on Earth.  The 'Xklusive T-Top' is the result of continual refinement over decades.  The annex/room and woven floor are included.  We believe this is the only tent in NZ with a real canvas annex/room - and it's real South African woven canvas too, which is simply unbeatable.  This is an all new quality standard for our local market, putting the Xklusive T-Top in a class of its own, without a direct competitor in NZ.

As true commercial grade products, EEZI-AWN tents have long been the preferred choice for those needing equipment durable enough to be relied on for serious journeys across the harshest environments on Earth, but they're also simply the most comfortable & best performing tents to use day-in-day-out.  EEZI-AWN tents exude quality and will provide years of superior service in NZ.  

By some distance the very best soft shell roof tents available in NZ.  At this level of original design, globally proven pedigree, superior materials quality (especially the South African woven 360gsm canvas, meranti reinforced plywood baseboards and SABS approved 65mm mattress), NZ's local assortment of rebranded, Chinese made tents simply cannot compare.  Our 'Series 3' and 'Xklusive T-Top' models are handmade by expert craftsmen/craftswomen at EEZI-AWN's world leading facility in South Africa, where the world's finest roof tents have long originated from.