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Rental vehicles in Africa - Eezi Awn and Bushtech.jpg

A typical commercial 4wd Fleet in Africa.  Chinese Replica tents and mainstream roof racks don't cut it out here!  This is EEZI-AWN territory.  (Ute canopies by Bushtech).

Introducing EEZI-AWN to New Zealand

EEZI-AWN logo.png

For nearly 40 years EEZI-AWN has been the preferred equipment supplier for serious 4wd expedition groups, crossing the harshest continents on Earth yet desiring maximum comfort and protection from the elements.  Internationally EEZI-AWN roof tents are recognised as the benchmark by which all other roof tents are measured.

As EEZI-AWN is new to the NZ market you may not recognise the name, but whether you realise it or not you will know their designs.  With nearly 40 years in the business, the classic canvas roof tent designs you see marketed in NZ today are largely Chinese copies of EEZI-AWN original designs.  This equally applies to brands that claim to be 'NZ designed'.

But the copies don't compare to the original.  EEZI-AWN tents are designed to be the best, to thrive in the harshest conditions on every continent, and are hand-made in South Africa by true craftsmen/craftswomen.  Chinese copies are mostly designed to whizz down a production line as fast and cheaply as possible, and are made by workers who have never been camping in their lives. 

EEZI-AWN tents are made from the finest Cape Town woven, military spec polycotton canvas, which will outlast and outperform other canvas.  EEZI-AWN also places much stronger emphasis on mattress comfort and condensation reducing materials and design.  Other design features found on EEZI-AWN products have never been successfully incorporated into the Chinese replicas and as such EEZI-AWN firmly remains the world's leading roof tent designer and manufacturer.  This applies equally to the EEZI-AWN K9 expedition-grade roof rack systems and awnings.

In Africa, commercial rental 4wd fleets almost exclusively specify EEZI-AWN 'Series 3' or 'Xklusive T-Top' roof tents mounted on top.  Naturally, they are mounted on an EEZI-AWN K9 roof rack or load bar set, these in turn often mounted on a Bushtech aluminium canopy.  These are some of the only products genuinely capable of sustained, off-road, commercial use... and in Africa!

In the New Zealand environment EEZI-AWN soft and hard shell roof tents will provide superior performance and protection from the elements, superior comfort and extended service life, representing a much better all round and long term investment.

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