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EEZI-AWN Load Bars


EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars offer long-lasting all metal construction.  Robust and light weight.  No plastic!

All aluminium and powder coated stainless steel construction.  South African Engineered EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars are robust and long lasting

  • EEZI-AWN K9 Load bars and tracks are made from lightweight extruded aluminium and offer a heavy duty construction. 

  • Choose from 1250mm, 1400mm, 1500mm up to 1650mm length Load Bars.

  • Choose from TRACK or GUTTER mount fitting solutions to suit your vehicle.  All legs are metal construction.

  • Alternatively EEZI-AWN CLAMP mount load bar kits are easily fitted on vehicles with factory raised roof rails, including ute hard lids.

  • 8mm slot in the top of the load bars takes either M8 eyes, or a standard M8 bolt head, and can be used to mount many types of accessories.

  • Rear profile on the load bars can be drilled and bolted.  Ideal for mounting all roof tents.

  • EEZI-AWN awning/accessory mount brackets are available.

  • Suitable for 4wd/Off-Road use.

EEZI-AWN K9 load bars

A Track mounted K9 Load Bar solution

Complete K9 Load Bar Systems

Our K9 Roof Rack systems are here

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