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EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars for Bushtech Canopy, 1250mm or 1400mm

EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars for Bushtech Canopy, 1250mm or 1400mm

All aluminium and powder coated stainless steel construction, South African Engineered EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars are exceptionally robust and long lasting.


This pair of EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars comes with all parts needed to slide the Load Bars into the heavy duty tracks that come standard on every Bushtech canopy.  Genuine South African engineered Load Bars to suit the South African engineered Bushtech canopy.  


Key Features


  • EEZI-AWN K9 Load bars are made from lightweight extruded aluminium.

  • Choose 1250mm, 1400mm, 1500mm or even 1650mm length Load Bars.

  • Included track legs are constructed from powder coated stainless steel. 

  • Bushtech specific canopy track feet provided.  Everything needed to complete the install.

  • No plastic!

  • 8mm slot in the top of the load bars can be used to mount all types of accessories.

  • Rear profile on the load bars can be drilled and bolted.  This is ideal for all roof tent installs.

  • EEZI-AWN K9 awning mount brackets (available separately in our store) fix to the end of load bars for mounting awnings, shower tents or other accessories. 

  • For those not needing a full roof rack, this is an equally robust, cost effective solution.

Easy DIY installation. Only a 13mm spanner and allen key is needed for install.


    PriceFrom $495.00
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