Pair of CLAMP mount K9 Load Bars, 1400mm

Pair of CLAMP mount K9 Load Bars, 1400mm

All aluminium and powder coated stainless steel construction. South African Engineered EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars are exceptionally robust and long lasting.


This pair of 1400mm CLAMP mount EEZI-AWN K9 Load Bars is a universal fit for all vehicles with factory raised roof rails.  Ford Ranger, Mitsubishi Pajero, Toyota Prado & 200 Series and many more.


  • EEZI-AWN K9 Load bars are made from lightweight extruded aluminium and offer a heavier duty construction.  

  • EEZI-AWN CLAMP mounts offer a superior construction!  Robust and long lasting, they're made from extruded aluminium. 

  • Very easy to install at home.

  • No plastic!

  • 8mm slot in the top of the load bars can be used to mount all types of accessories.

  • Rear profile on the load bars can be drilled and bolted.  Ideal for all roof tents, or other custom loads.

  • EEZI-AWN K9 awning mount brackets (available separately in our store) fix to the end of load bars for mounting awnings, shower tents or other accessories. 

  • For those not needing a full roof rack, this is an equally robust, cost effective solution.

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