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EEZI-AWN Track Mount 1400mm Load Bar Kit. For Canopies/Hard Lids/Vehicles

EEZI-AWN Track Mount 1400mm Load Bar Kit. For Canopies/Hard Lids/Vehicles

This complete kit is perfect for mounting on top of an aluminium canopy, or mounting on a vehicle roof. It's also particularly good for mounting roof tents and awnings.


EEZI-AWN K9 load bars were originally designed for 4wd's carrying heavy loads whilst serving permanently off-road in Africa. A new standard for the NZ market. If you're putting this on a 4wd, nothing will be stronger.


No plastic! The load bars and the very robust track sets are extruded aluminium, while the legs are powder coated stainless steel. Maximum strength and longevity!


This complete kit includes: Pair of very robust tracks, 1400mm load bars, 65mm high legs, quality fasteners for mounting the track (may better suit those wanting to add the EEZI-AWN load bar awning bracket).


We have another very similar kit with 1250mm load bars and 40mm high legs,


If you just want to carry a roof tent and awning, you may not need a full roof rack. This kit may be a more economic way to achieve what you need.


For roof tents the profile off the rear of the load bar is marked and drilled. The roof tent is then bolted straight through this hole, as shown in one of the photos (it's a Stealth tent pictured, but any roof tent will be similar).

  • Dimensions

    This kit comes with a pair of 1400mm length load bars and pair of 1400mm length tracks. 

    Adjustable 65mm legs x 4.

    If you prefer a smaller or larger we have other kits available. Load bars from 1250mm to 1650mm etc. We can put together a kit to suit your needs by request.

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