Canopy Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 Double Cab, 2012+ Black or Dark Grey Powder Coat

Canopy Ford Ranger / Mazda BT50 Double Cab, 2012+ Black or Dark Grey Powder Coat

No one builds aluminium canopies like Bushtech! The result of 25 years industry experience. Born out of the heat and dust of Africa. Now NZ's strongest canopies by far... AND still lighter! 


Typical weight just 65kg's. 

Meticulously hand finished & showing no exposed welds, our superior Bushtech canopies are set apart from others by the incredibly high standard of their finish.


This canopy for the double cab Ford Ranger or Mazda BT50 is for years 2012 onwards, through to present.  Choose black or dark grey powder coat.  


Until we obtain more Ranger photos to display here, please see the Hilux canopy page for photos that accurately display our NZ canopy colours - they are the same for Hilux and Ranger.


NZ’s ultimate ute canopies.


The best designed, strongest, most premium finish aluminium canopies available in NZ.

Expertly engineered, beautifully hand-crafted. Our aluminium canopies combine unrivalled strength with a super-premium finish. Manufacturers 10-year frame warranty is class leading too.


Premium aesthetics/appearance – all weld lines are painstakingly finished to produce invisible seams. Finished in an attractive, premium powder coat.


NZ’s Strongest Canopies by far… yet still lighter! – Exhibited internationally with a truck on the canopy, rather than a canopy on the truck… even the strongest fibreglass or plastic canopies would be splinters and dust! Market leading strength. 300kg load rating. Load tested to 2,500kg. Despite the strength advantage, Bushtech canopies are lighter. Typical double cab canopy weight just 65kg.


Full Sized Gullwing Doors. Superior Design. Maximum Versatility – The strength of the frame permits full sized gullwing side doors. Doors are further braced & reinforced. Our canopies are one of the few with the rubber seals on the doors, not the canopy frame, where they would be constantly exposed to damage. Enjoy all new levels of real-world useability with our range of add-on modular accessories, including slot in cupboards. Or mount anything you like from the ceiling, with built in channels that take a standard M8 bolt.


Superior Glass and Security – Front cab slider is standard. For those needing extra security, we have security mesh rear window inserts available.


Built Ready for Roof Loads  – All our canopies come with heavy duty track on top as standard, ready to simply slide in a platform roof rack or load bars; these can be fitted in minutes at home, with standard tools. The very best roof racks and load bars now available in NZ are from our South African engineered EEZI-AWN range. We supply fully factory welded alloy platforms (no plastic inserts!) mounted on powder coated stainless steel legs. These offer maximum strength, versatility and longevity in keeping with the superior capabilities of our canopies. We can provide complete package solutions tailored to your requirements, and we also have matching rack and load bar kits for your ute roof.


Over 25 years of world leading design & engineering expertise has gone into these canopies.

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