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EEZI-AWN Series 3 40th Year Edition 1.4m

EEZI-AWN Series 3 40th Year Edition 1.4m

A soft shell roof tent that 80% packs itself up! 40th year(!) edition EEZI-AWN Series 3 sets new standards in speed & ease.


Truly in another league from anything else on the New Zealand market.


This 40th year edition builds on EEZI-AWN's longstanding reputation for being the world's fastest to pack up soft shell roof tents. Retains EEZI-AWN's proven ratcheting travel cover design, but builds on this with a new design that automatically folds the canvas in as the tent is closed, eliminating 80 to 90% of the frustrating canvas tucking that is usually required.


  • 360gsm South African woven core spun polycotton canvas is uniquely real canvas! Far superior thermal dynamics compared to the Chinese canvas used on brands sold in NZ. EEZI-AWN's 360gsm canvas is their highest grade, globally proven and known capable of lasting decades.
  • Meranti hardwood base boards. World expedition-grade brands like EEZI-AWN have long preferred real wood base boards. Combined with the real canvas, this takes performance to much higher levels.
  • UV stable, reinforced PVC fly. No EEZI-AWN tents have the polyester flys used on other roof tents. EEZI-AWN flys offer higher performance for longer, and are replaceable in need.
  • Significantly lower profile in transit. Ever noticed how how high off the roof in transit many soft shell roof tents sit? Not EEZI-AWN's. See the photos. Less wind drag in transit means better fuel efficiency.
  • Internal LED light included. Also includes new EEZI-AWN quick fit brackets to rapidly install or remove the tent from your load bars.


See the video here:

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