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EEZI-AWN Swift (Freestanding-Capable) Awning

EEZI-AWN Swift (Freestanding-Capable) Awning

Super fast setup. Freestanding capability. Highest quality anodised aluminium legs simply drop down from the rafters when needed.


Most square, off the side of the vehicle, awnings are terribly slow and cumbersome to setup/packup. Not EEZI-AWN's Swift! Just unzip the bag and swing the rafter arms around.


A globally proven awning from a serious 40 year South African brand. Far superior to the cheaply made Chinese awnings normally sold in NZ. Designed for superior long term performance.


The main advantage to choosing EEZI-AWN awnings is that they're made with the highest quality South African woven polycotton canvas, not polyester or Chinese grades of polycotton. 


EEZI-AWN's teflon coated South African canvas is a game changer compared to others. Much nicer to be under on hot sunny days, but these awnings are not only for sun shade! They are 100% waterproof.


We have an optional wall kit/room for this awning, also made with proper South African woven canvas. It features a window panel with mesh and a zip down doorway. This converts the awning into a high quality enclosed room. We can have the wall/kit room custom made to suit your vehicle height.


  • Specifications

    • Weight: 12kg
    • Length: 2.3m long
    • 260 gsm superior South African woven polycotton canvas in beige
    • Aluminium legs and rafters.  Rafters finished in black powder coat
    • Super strong chassis allows 1.5m mounting point overhang
    • Black PVC UV resistant bag with YKK zipper
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