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EEZI-AWN Manta 270 Awning - Grey or Beige Canvas

EEZI-AWN Manta 270 Awning - Grey or Beige Canvas

NZ's highest quality shade is made with real canvas. Not all shade is created equal!

Compare an EEZI-AWN awning next to others under NZ's harsh sun and you'll quickly discover which you'd rather be under.

Real South African woven canvas is a much higher quality fabric than the cheap plastic based polyester/oxford fabrics most awnings on the NZ market are made with.


EEZI-AWN awnings are a real investment. Pay a little more to get into quality gear that outperforms and outlasts.


Like a big brother to the BAT270 the Manta has an extra arm that folds forward after other arms are taken 270 degrees around the rear of the vehicle. The result is a 270 degree awning that also has a perfect square section off the side of the vehicle. 


This not only provides a bigger coverage area overall, but an optional real canvas wall set is avaiable to install in the square section of the awning, complete with window (with mesh layer) and doorway. 

The Manta features a high quality long-life aluminium frame & anodised aluminium drop-down legs for tougher conditions.


Take care of awnings in wind and ensure they are adequately secured! Wind damage is not covered by warranty.

  • Specifications

    Size Closed: 2300 (L) x 170 (W) x 150 (H)
    Extends: 2.1m out when open.
    Fabric: Grey 260gms South African woven polycotton canvas, teflon coated.
    Weight: 25kg

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