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Canvas Wall Kit for BAT270

Canvas Wall Kit for BAT270


  • Real South African woven canvas.  There is no substitute for real South African woven polycotton canvas.  It's unsurpassed for performance under our harsh NZ sun, or for longevity.  This is a real investment.
  • Complete wall kit for the BAT270, including 2 sides with windows, 1 with a door and 1 solid.  Window panels have two layers, including EEZI-AWN's super hard wearing insect mesh layer.
  • Fast setup!  These walls install using the spring loaded poles provided.  Further, the kit consists of 2 double sized panels rather than 4 individual sides.  Use just 1 panel to enclose half of the awning, for instance to block wind/rain from one direction.  See final photo.
  • Unsurpassed Quality. The attention to detail and quality of construction & materials is in keeping with EEZI-AWN being the global brand preferred by those needing superior, hard wearing, long life outdoor gear.
  • Value for money - it's real canvas, not polyester. A true investment for the very long term.


It's all about the quality of our canvas!

The bottom line is that if you want real world performance, then it all comes down to the quality of the canvas & construction.  Similar looking awning & wall kits look great in marketing photos, but most are made from sythetic plastic fabrics and not capable of performing or lasting like real canvas. Even real canvas is not created equal. This is 260gsm polycotton canvas, woven in Cape Town, South Africa.   


Adding real canvas walls to a real canvas awning makes a fantastic place to escape the hot NZ sun in summertime. Do the same with synthetic plastic fabrics, including those claiming UVF50+, and it's a greenhouse by comparison.


N.B. The BAT270 awning needs to be purchased separately in the store.

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