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Quick Pitch 270 Degree Awning

Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Sec 270 Degree Awning

Game Changer! Internationally acclaimed Quick Pitch Weathershade awnings are in another league from what's been on the NZ market until now. 


Check out our 45 second overview video - see here


Unique shape (5 rafter arms, not 4) and a massive 12sqm aluminised coverage.


Superior South African technical canvas, with an aluminised reflective top layer


  • Superior performance over the cheaper polyester/oxford/900D or Chinese canvas most awnings in NZ come with
  • Aluminised top works extremely well to reflect the heat/radiation that passes through other awning fabrics. 
  • In summer sun you'll stay cooler under this awning.


Engineering of the free-standing design sets a new standard


  • Double action 6mm thick stainless steel hinge redefines freestanding awning strength
  • Reinforced, welded rafter arms
  • One drop down leg included - seldom needed, but stabilises the awning if the weather changes
  • Rafter arms neatly contain tie-down straps - just pull these out and secure to the ground in need


5 rafter arms rather than the typical 4


  • Offers a unique square profile off the rear of the vehicle instead of cutting across at an angle
  • Extends further rearward than other awnings, adding considerable extra covered space and assisting the optional wall kit to clear the swing out rear door/tyre on some 4wd's


Serious overland awnings are suited for all weather conditions


  • In rain the awning features a pitch rod to encourage water to run off rather than pond and the canvas has guy points to further assist in rain run off


Equally superior optional canvas wall set


  • Zips in rather than attaches with velcro
  • Made from a superior quality South African woven polycotton canvas in an impressively thick 400gsm weight
  • Avoids the 'greenhouse' effect seen with awnings/walls made from cheaper fabrics (polyester/Oxford/900D etc) 
  • Water resistant
  • 370mm PVC storm strip at the bottom. Protects the canvas from the ground while accommodating different vehicle heights
  • Storm strip facilitates setup over terrain where pegging is not possible - sand or rocks can be used to weight the PVC storm flaps to the ground
  • As with all awning wall kits, in high winds use sensible judgement. Quick Pitch awnings offer one of the world's strongest designs, but in high winds the walls will need to be put away before the awning, to avoid wind damage


Quick Pitch Says:


The Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning is the first awning to have 5 aluminium extruded arms with gussets strategically placed on 4 of the 5 arms for extra strength, the 5 extruded arms hinges on a double action 6mm stainless steel hinge. This allows the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning to fold up to a mere 130mm wide at the hinge making it very streamline. The awning’s overall length is 2575mm when in traveling position. The extruded arms of the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning are 2.4m, 2.4m, 2.4m, 2.4m and 1.7m long making it the biggest of its kind and giving 15m square meter under cover. The awning’s top is manufactured from high quality canvas with a silver lining to reflect heat and keep the tent cool for those hot sunny days in the bush. Standard the Quick Pitch Weathershade 20 Second awning has one, fold out anchor pole with 4 tie down straps that can be used when weather conditions are harsh. 


  • Specifications

    Weight: 28kg
    Closed dimensions: 2575x150x180mm
    Coverage: 12sqm

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