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Quick Pitch MiniMax Gen2 Roof Tent

Quick Pitch MiniMax Gen2 From South Africa

Costing just a little more, upgrade to a roof tent in a very superior league compared to ALL NZ/Aust branded roof tents on the NZ market. 


Main Features:


  • Quick Pitch is a top world brand. Made in South Africa, proven globally.
  • Instead of a 'flip-over' panel, this tent uniquely sets up by extending the base, like opening a drawer. The fastest side opening design on the world market.
  • Real South African woven polycotton canvas in a very thick 400gsm weight! Outstanding thermal and wind properties. The canvas is a key feature of this tent, not to be underestimated.
  • Seriously insulated shells!
  • 75mm mattress
  • Built in electrics, USB charging, permanenty installed lighting
  • Huge internal space when open, small footprint on roof when closed


Many in NZ haven't yet had opportunity to see what they've been missing out on. I.e. just how superior the roof tents from our global brands are, for a little more spend. The superior quality of the materials used, especially the canvas, is very obvious when seen up close, even if not able to be discerned from online photos. The construction of the welded aluminium shell is on another level altogether.


All our roof tents from global brands feature South African woven, core spun polycotton (never polyester or Chinese canvas). This Quick Pitch model features SA canvas in a huge 400gsm weight - around twice as thick as on tents sold in NZ, though feels even thicker due to the quality. You'll need to view this up close to see/feel the difference, as online pictures can't do it justice.


Hidden out of sight is the up to inch thick insulation built into the aluminium shells. Although some Chinese origin/NZ brand hard shell roof tents are now sold in NZ as 'insulated', in most cases they are not really. Real insulation significantly improves year-round thermal performance (hot and cold climates) and benefits condensation management.



  • Specifications

    External Dimensions

    Closed: 1350mm x 1450mm x 380mm

    Open: 2220mm x 1450mm x 1385mm

    Internal Dimensions: 2150mm x 1280mm.



    Weight that can be placed on roof: 40kg.


    2x USB charging points and a 12v socket
    LED light permanently wired


    Insulated top and bottom shells. Details TBC.


    400gsm South African woven canvas. 

GST Included |
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