"I cannot overstate how good the mattress is, its firmness and thickness completely support me as a side sleeper. It is not just a foam pad with a thin cover, but a nearly 5-inch cloud of overlanding dreams".

Expert Review by Scott Brady - Publisher & co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal.


THE ULTIMATE in hard shell roof tents.  Designed and hand-made at EEZI-AWN's world leading facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, from where for nearly 40 years EEZI-AWN has produced the world's leading commercial & expedition-grade roof tents and awnings.


Not to be confused with the growing number of hard shell tents appearing in NZ, the 'Stealth', and 'Blade', make others look like toys.  EEZI-AWN designs are tested for two years on the African continent before being released to global markets... few competing products would survive.  Engineered on an entirely other level, these tents will probably outlast your vehicle!  Pay special attention to details below on internal insulation, canvas quality and mattress.  EEZI-AWN's long-standing (decades!) reputation as the world benchmark in serious roof tents is well-earned.  


Stealth Features


Unique scissor lifting action automatically raises the front of the tent to 430mm when the rear of the tent is opened.  Full setup is still achieved in c. 60 seconds.  This unique feature provides a substantial increase in useable internal space. By significanlty expanding space at the foot end of the tent, even unusually tall guys can sleep comfortably in the Stealth.


Unmatched insulation. Insulation inside both top and bottom aluminium shells. 


340gsm polycotton canvas woven in Cape Town, South Africa, is simply beyond comparison to anything else! The quality of this canvas must be seen to be appreciated.  Almost all other hard shell tents on the NZ market feature single layer Chinese canvas between 190 gsm and 280 gsm weight (some not even polycotton) so the Stealth truly offers a very special quality of construction.  Together with its best in class insulation, the Stealth will be the warmest tent on the coldest nights. It will also be the coolest tent if you want to take a day nap on a hot summers day, or like to sleep in.  Condensation is much less an issue with the Stealth than other tents.  The super heavy canvas doesn't flap like lighter duty tents on windy days. This quality and weight of canvas naturally darkens the tent interior without need for blackout linings, as required by Chinese spec canvas to achieve similar light levels.


The closest thing to a real bed in a roof tent you will find - see photos! The Stealth is the most comfortable & luxurious roof tent you will ever sleep in.  Far from just another piece of memory foam, the exceptionally well made 80mm mattress in the Stealth genuinely sets a new standard in roof tent comfort. Fitted sheet for the mattress included.


Stealth design. The outer shell is low profile and aerodynamic, cutting the air like a knife at open road speeds. 


Store bedding inside the tent. The domed section near the rear of the aerodynamic shell maintains space sufficient to fit your bedding.


Unique ladder storage. The ladder separately slides into a slot built into the tent base - fast and clean.


Internal LED lighting and USB port for charging devices. 

High quality brand name National Luna LED light with a switch easily reached from your sleeping position. 3 settings - half, full and off. The exterior of the Stealth features a weather protected quality merit/hella plug. Power cable provided. 


Adverse weather ready.  Nothing performs in adverse weather like clamshell design hard shell tents!  In high winds the fly on the Stealth can be instantly zipped flat against the tent body, where it cannot flap and risk of damage occuring in extreme weather is greatly minimised. This also aids in a quiet nights sleep.

  • Roof Weight Considerations

    The quality of engineering, added insulation and materials that goes into the Stealth makes it the heaviest tent in our range, at around 90kg.  A sturdy vehicle setup is needed to accommodate the Stealth, especially if you want to head off-road.  The Stealth perfectly compliments the 200 Series Landcruiser, and any ute fitted with one of our Bushtech, South African engineered aluminium canopies (these have a vastly superior 300kg dynamic load rating, or 2.5 tonnes static!).  There are many other vehicles that can accommodate the Stealth, but if in doubt don't hesitate to get in contact and we'll happily advise you.  We're perfectly satisfied with how our heavily modified Pajero handles the Stealth, however this vehicle has been fitted with an expedition grade EEZI-AWN K9 roof rack, which is stronger than others and achieves superior roof load distribution compared to the typical mainstream brands.  

  • Expert Reviews

    "Sleeping in the Stealth is a joy: the thick canvas blocks out nearly all light, and the weight of the material minimizes flapping. I cannot overstate how good the mattress is, its firmness and thickness completely support me as a side sleeper. It is not just a foam pad with a thin cover, but a nearly 5-inch cloud of overlanding dreams".... "While I do not always use rooftop tents when I travel, I enjoyed this model enough that it has become a permanent addition to my personal vehicle camping options".


    Scott Brady - Publisher & co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal.  Scott has circumnavigated the Globe 3x, by 4wd and motorbike, on all seven continents.  


    "There are legendary players in the category like Eezi-Awn who have never been tempted to fight for the bottom dollar, a place where products and consumer expectations go to die. They have always placed quality at the top of their priority list. It’s the directive that has made them industry leaders for decades. Their new Stealth hard shell roof top tent follows their company mission with an uncompromising shelter aimed at the most demanding travelers".


    Christophe Noel - Expedition Portal

  • Specifications

    Dimensions (open): 2200 × 1450 × Height 430mm (front) 1400mm (back). 

    Dimensions (closed): 2200 x 1450 x Height 165mm (front) 300mm (back).

    Dimensions (mattress): Built In 2130mm L x 1320mm W x 85mm. 

    Weight: 97 kg inc Ladder.

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