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In a totally different league from local/NZ branded (all rebranded Chinese) roof tents. The STEALTH suits buyers prepared to pay a little more to take a huge step up in quality of materials, year round performance and supreme comfort. 


For 40 years EEZI-AWN has designed and produced many of the world's leading commercial and expedition-grade roof tents from it's long serving facility based in Johannesburg, South Africa. The brand serious overlanders have long preferred, and proven on every major continent on Earth.


Photos simply cannot show the supreme quality of the STEALTH's 340gsm South African woven canvas. Traditionally woven in Cape Town, this canvas sets the STEALTH apart and must been seen to be appreciated. Capable of significantly blocking light even in direct sun, and offering thermal performance, longevity, and quality far exceeding what's typically available on the NZ market. EEZI-AWN's superior canvas is known to be capable of lasting decades.


Insulated top and bottom aluminium shells combined with the superior canvas makes this the best performing tent on the NZ market, suited to any climate on any continent on Earth.


A real bed! See photos. The most comfortable mattress in any roof tent.


Front opening scissor mechanism activates automatically when the tent is opened/closed from the rear, meaning this remains a 60 second tent, whilst offering more room inside and importantly eliminating the foot end restriction typical of clamshells. Photos don't show how robustly engineered the front mechanism is constructed. 


National Luna brand LED light on the ceiling. Twin USB charge points permanently wired in for charging your phone/tablet inside.


The ladder uniquely stores in a purpose built slot in the STEALTH's chassis, while the super aerodynamic shell is still able to accommodate your bedding.


Wind storm ready. The huge canvas fly just mentioned can be rapidly zippered against the tent body in the event of a severe windstorm, and this can be done from inside the tent. This sounds simple, but remains an unmatched feature of the EEZI-AWN Blade/Stealth. In this mode there is minimal canvas to flap in the wind, lessening the risk of damage and ensuring a quieter nights sleep. In real world use this is a very notable advantage.


Aerodynamic profile. Only 160mm at the front, but 320mm towards the rear. The rear section of the aerodynamic shell maintains space sufficient to fit your bedding. Store the ladder inside the tent, or in your vehicle. A heavy duty canvas case is provided to store the ladder in.



  • Expert Reviews

    "Sleeping in the Stealth is a joy: the thick canvas blocks out nearly all light, and the weight of the material minimizes flapping. I cannot overstate how good the mattress is, its firmness and thickness completely support me as a side sleeper. It is not just a foam pad with a thin cover, but a nearly 5-inch cloud of overlanding dreams".... "While I do not always use rooftop tents when I travel, I enjoyed this model enough that it has become a permanent addition to my personal vehicle camping options".


    Scott Brady - Publisher & co-founder of Expedition Portal and Overland Journal.  Scott has circumnavigated the Globe 3x, by 4wd and motorbike, on all seven continents.  


    "There are legendary players in the category like Eezi-Awn who have never been tempted to fight for the bottom dollar, a place where products and consumer expectations go to die. They have always placed quality at the top of their priority list. It’s the directive that has made them industry leaders for decades. Their new Stealth hard shell roof top tent follows their company mission with an uncompromising shelter aimed at the most demanding travelers".


    Christophe Noel - Expedition Portal

  • Specifications

    Dimensions (open): 2200 × 1450 × Height 430mm (front) 1400mm (back). 

    Dimensions (closed): 2200 x 1450 x Height 165mm (front) 300mm (back).

    Dimensions (mattress): Built In 2130mm L x 1320mm W x 85mm. 

    Weight: 97 kg inc Ladder.

    N.B. The Stealth's shell is made by hand - folded, welded and ground. Some shell imperfections are characteristic.

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