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Quick Pitch Aero Roof Tent

Quick Pitch Super Light Aero Hard Shell Roof Tent

Not a Chinese rebrand! An original South African global brand under $5,000!


The all new Aero is for any vehicle, but has been carefully designed to go on smaller 4wd's and even cars that traditionally couldn't support the weight of a hard shell roof tent. The Aero weights just 60.5kg! (Including the mattress).


You can find other tents on the market weighing around the same, but they're not of comparable quality. The Aero features superior 300gsm South African woven canvas and insulated top and bottom shells. It's incredibly light weight for an aluminium hard shell with these specifications. 


All our South African roof tents from global brands feature SA woven, core spun polycotton (never polyester!) canvas of far higher quality and durability than found on local branded roof tents. This Quick Pitch model features SA canvas in a 300gsm weight - feels even thicker due to the superior quality.


Canvas of this quality isn't something you can appreciate from photos. You'll need to view this up close to see/feel the difference.


Also not seen in photos (or at all) is the up to inch thick insulation built into the aluminium shells. This significantly improves year-round thermal performance and condensation management.


Quick Pitch Says:


The Quick Pitch AERO Roof Top Tent is a lightweight aluminium shell tent that fits onto any vehicle. The AERO has a slimline profile of only 220mm high. It features 3x stainless steel hinges and is water and dust tight.


The tent itself is manufactured with the best quality canvas, comes with a standard flysheet and load rails on top. Inside there is a tri-colour LED light that can be attached onto three different places, an anti-slip telescopic ladder, two removable inner bags, 50mm high dense mattress, two zipped shoe bags on the outsides and you can keep your bedding inside while closed or in traveling position. The lightweight AERO Roof Top Tent is manufactured in South Africa by South African bush lovers and weighs in at a mere 60kg.

  • Specs

    External Dimensions:

    Length: 2130mm
    Width: 1210mm
    Height (closed): 220mm (can store bedding)
    Weight 60.5kg

    Canvas: 300 gsm premium South African canvas

    Mattress size: 2050 x 1150 x 50mm


    Roof: 12mm high density foam covered in hood lining
    Base: 12mm high density foam covered in carpet

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