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XpeditioNZ SUB60 Roof Tent

XpeditioNZ SUB60 Roof Tent

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Over the past two years the SUB60 has emerged as a proven quality hard shell roof tents in NZ, while others have come and gone.  A proven performer at an affordable price. 


From the outset the SUB60 has been built on a superior chassis compared to near identical lookalike copies and fitted with quality polycotton canvas (never polyester based canvas!). This isn't visible in photos - viewing of any roof tent is recommended before buying if possible.


Reasons to Choose a SUB60


  1. Build quality Don't assume similar looking tents are all the same thing with a different name. See the last two photos
  2. 4th Gen rivetless chassis: SUB60's are built on the the only original, world proven chassis, which in 4th gen is now rivetless. No rivets to loosen as a result of strenuous duty on top of a 4wd. First class fit & finish. 
  3. Market leading specs: 225cm external length chassis. SUB60's offer a mattress length of 217cm. This is more generously proportioned compared to cheaper offerings.
  4. Lighter weight: Typical 69kg. Some slightly cheaper tents have steel tops, riveted on, and weigh over 90kg. Stay lighter and rust-free for the long term with a SUB60.
  5. Only ever real polycotton canvas (including the fly!): You don't want polyester canvas in an aluminium roof tent. Only polycotton is up to the job, for performance and longevity. Our 280gsm polycotton canvas is available in three colous, including some with 'blackout' liner. 
  6. Quality high density 60mm mattress: The first thing buyers of cheaper hard shells typically do is upgrade the mattress... if their hard shell can close with a thicker mattress. The mattress in the SUB60 offers excellent support, including for side sleepers.
  7. Real hard shell... including the base! Not slats! Many cheaper tents are not a true hard shell on the base, instead having slats and fabric. SUB60's feature an ultrastrong honeycomb aluminium floor panel, topped on the inside with anti-condensation matting beneath the mattress. A superior and more comfortable design.
  8. Super slim design: Just 160mm tall when closed. Minimal drag on the open road. At this thickness a sleeping bag may be left in the tent when closed, but not a pillow or the ladder. 
  9. Nothing is faster to setup/packup: 60 second setup time includes extending the real canvas fly on the supplied spring rods and setting up the ladder. Allow 90 seconds for complete packup, to ensure all the canvas is neatly tucked in beyond the automotive grade rubber seals.
  10. Roof load compatible: See our roof rack options. Our load bar kits are next generation and come with a set of 4 M8 eyes. These slide down tracks on the load bars to where you need them and can be used with standard ratchet straps.

  11. Internal lighting. A 1 metre LED light strip, with soft touch switch and USB plug to fit any powerbank, is included with every SUB 60 tent. For those with a dual battery setup in their vehicle we have options to install permanenty wired LED lighting.

  12. Nothing performs in adverse weather better than clamshell hard shell roof tents! In severe storm conditions, simply turn your vehicle into the direction the rain/hail and wind is coming from. Proven in high wind conditions. In extreme winds the fly on the SUB 60 can be unzipped, rolled up and stored at the top where it cannot flap, reducing risk of damage.


The roof panel exterior on SUB60's is light grey, to maintain a cooler surface temperature under direct sun. Photos showing SUB60's with our branding/design on the roof are display models. If you specifically want to receive a SUB60 with that design printed on the roof, please contact us.


    • About Canvas Colour Options

      • Choose from black canvas with white trim, grey canvas with black trim, or sand canvas with black trim.
      • Our black and grey canvas options are 'blackout' canvas.  These are a near total light blocking canvas.  Ideal for those who like to sleep in without being woken too early by the sun.
      • Our sand canvas is not blackout and will appeal to those who prefer a natural light to filter through the canvas. This will better suit users who want to get to camp early and read a book in the tent etc on poor weather days.
    • Extra ladder mount brackets

      An extra pair of ladder mount brackets allows you to pick a second entrance that you will use to enter the tent.  You might for instance ordinarily use a side door, but in heavy rain prefer to use the main door with its rain fly.  See accessories.

    • Roof Bars

      Custom roof bars are available for these tents in both sizes.  The tents can carry up to 30kg on top, whilst still being able to open.  See accessories

    • Awning and awning brackets

      We have available special awning brackets that mount directly to the unique extrusion on the side of the Sub 60.  These brackets are available separately and can be used with our XpeditioNZ awning, or our EEZI-AWN awnings, or most other brands.

    • Specifications

      Weight 69kg  
      Tent Internal Dimensions (mm) 2170L X 1210W X 1450H  
      Tent External Dimensions (mm) 2250L x 1280W x160H  


    PriceFrom $3,999.00
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