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XpeditioNZ vehicle awning

XpeditioNZ 'Real Canvas' Vehicle Awning 2.5 x 2.5m

This awning is set apart from other similar looking products by the quality of the fabric it is made from. It's a real canvas - in this case it's 280gsm polycoytton, similar to that used on our excellent SUB60 hard shell roof tents. See the close up detail images of the fabric.


At XpeditioNZ we do not use, sell or recommend awnings or roof tents made with plastic base fabrics! By this we mean those fabrics commonly identified as polyester or 420D Oxford, and awnings where no specs for the canvas/fabric are given.


Why do we only sell awnings made from a real canvas? Because even where plastic base fabrics carry a UVF50+ rating they still perform terribly in our view, especially under NZ's harsh sun.


Stand under a plastic fabric awning in intense sun and you don't really feel like you're in the shade - you can feel the radiation coming right through.


Plastic fabrics also aren't long lasting, especially under NZ sun.


For just a little additional spend, those preferring a more budget oriented awning can now get into a better standard of product. It's a worthwhile upgrade over other awnings.


The framework for this awning is similar to other products on the market - all alloy frame and heavy duty long lasting PVC cover. It's the awning fabric that makes this a superior performing and longer lasting choice.


The awning is extremely slim and compact in its bag. Zips are nice and chunky. Also comes with pegs and guy ropes. There is a sail track at the front of the awning for adding any standard wall/extension should you wish.


If you have the budget and want the very best, see our separate listings for our EEZI-AWN world proven awnings, BAT270 & SWIFT. They're made in South Africa using a superior Cape Town woven 'real' canvas.


Note: at this price point awnings are not cost effective to repair if you suffer a blow-over in the wind and as such spare parts are not available. Always ensure your awning is well pegged/guyed in windy conditions! Our more premium range of EEZI-AWN awnings are rebuildable, incluing spares available. Wind related damage is not a warranty claim.

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