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Land Rover Defender - 1400x2000mm

Land Rover Defender - 1400x2000mm

The most proven, commercial expedition-grade roof racks in NZ. Go beyond trendy mainstream brands for much better gear for serious 4wd's!


Purpose designed over two years in Africa to be the toughest roof rack system available. Proven on every major continent on Earth by the world's most serious 4wd explorers.


How does a genuine expedition-grade roof rack differ from the mainstream brands?


See the photos of an EEZI-AWN K9 rack upside down. The popular mainstream brands aren't built like this... no other brand on the NZ market is built to this specification. 


With others you'll find the aluminium planks held together with plastic/nylon corners and rivets or screws. EEZI-AWN K9 racks are much, much tougher! Gone is all the plastic/nylon... K9 corner sections are thick alloy, welded all around.


Alloy planks on EEZI-AWN K9 platforms are backed by the most robust sub-structure of any roof rack on the market, and it's all alloy welded in place. This gives the K9 platform superior load distribution characteristics... and eliminates the need for rack assembly. Many competitor brands feature no support structure at all.


Notice how many gutter mount legs EEZI-AWN K9 roof racks have. The secret to their superiority isn't only in the platform's superior ability to distribute load through itself, but the way in which these loads are continuously distributed along the gutters/vehicle roof, eliminating point loading. 


Topside K9 racks have twin tracks on every plank, plus a perimeter track right around. And the tracks take a standard M8 bolt head (perimeter M6), not a fiddly, difficult to source channel nut.


Alloy wind deflector included as standard, not an optional extra requiring extra spend. Lenththwise planks naturally mimise wind resistance and wind noise.

Ultra low 35mm profile, whisper quiet, superior versatility, many accessories available... and all for around the same price as 'looks first' popular mainstream brands.

  • Expert Reviews

    "South African company Eezi-Awn has developed a true expedition-strength, flat-deck roof rack that delivers superior carrying capacity, as well as low wind noise and minimal drag".  

    "All up, the K9 is the most versatile, practical and rugged rack I’ve ever seen or used.... It’s hard to pick a fault with the K9 and I’d give it a 99/100 score".

    4x4 Australia.



    "For extra strength, the K9 rack is welded as opposed to being bolted together to prevent any rattling over time. The K9’s longitudinal slat design and slim 35mm profile are designed to reduce both wind resistance and wind noise, aided by a deflector panel up front. This makes the K9 rack perfect for fitment on an SUV where wind noise is an important consideration".

    SA4x4 (South Africa)

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