"Slim, sturdy and protective are three adjectives I’d use to describe the new Eezi-Awn Blade rooftop tent. Protected from the elements by a lightweight alloy case that will never fade or crack, the Blade is built to last".

SA4x4 (South Africa) Product Test & Review


Designed and hand-made at EEZI-AWN's world leading facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, from where for nearly 40 years EEZI-AWN has produced the world's leading commercial & expedition-grade roof tents and awnings.  The Blade is internationally respected as one of the world's finest quality, most comfortable and globally proven hard shell roof tents.


Not to be confused with the growing number of hard shell tents appearing in NZ, the 'Blade', and 'Stealth', make others look like toys.  EEZI-AWN designs are tested for two years on the African continent before being released to global markets... few competing products would survive.  Engineered on an entirely other level, these tents will probably outlast your vehicle!  Pay special attention to details below on internal insulation, canvas quality and mattress.  EEZI-AWN's long-standing (decades!) reputation as the world benchmark in serious roof tents is well-earned.  


The Blade is essentially a trimmed down, lighter version of the Stealth. However, it comes ready to take a roof load - e.g. Maxtrax or a permanently mounted solar panel etc.


When describing the Blade as 'lighter than the Stealth', it's important to bear in mind the Stealth is quite possibly the world's most heavily engineered tent (and certainly the most heavily engineered tent available in NZ).  Hence the 'relatively lighter' Blade is a super heavy duty tent when compared alongside anything else. 


But South African engineering is not only about heavy duty robustness.  For EEZI-AWN it's equally about truly supreme quality and comfortThe Blade and Stealth are two of the most comfortable, luxurious, best weather protected and longest lasting tents available anywhere worldwide.  At 72kg most vehicles that cannot accommodate the Stealth can usually accommodate the Blade, and those planning to do hard 4wding might prefer to stay lighter up top.


Blade Features


Under 60 second full setup time!  As with all our clamshell designs, a genuine less than 60 second full setup time is readily achievable.


Insulated Shell. An insulated shell, combined with the quality of canvas described next, produces thermal performance other roof tents cannot match.


Partialy Dual layered, 260gsm Cape Town (South Africa) woven polycotton canvas is simply beyond comparison to anything but the Stealth! The Blade's dual layered body (not side doors) give an effective 520gsm weight canvas, with a double-glazed like air gap between layers.  Almost all other hard shell tents on the NZ market feature single layer Chinese canvas between 190 gsm and 280 gsm weight, some not even polycotton. The Blade truly offers a very special quality of construction.  Together with its insulated shell, the Blade offers superior warmth on the coldest nights. It will also be the coolest tent if you want to take a day nap on a hot summers day, or like to sleep in.  Condensation is much less an issue with the Blade than other tents.  The canvas doesn't flap like lighter duty tents on windy days and the dual layered canvas naturally darkens the tent interior.


The Blade is one of the most comfortable roof tents.  The 80mm mattress in the Blade is a far more serious proposition compared to the often less than 60mm mattresses in other roof tents.


Stealth design. The Blade shares a similar outer shell as the Stealth.  The outer shell is low profile and aerodynamic, cutting the air like a knife at open road speeds.


Roof load compatible.  The Blade comes pre-installed with robust EEZI-AWN K9 tracks welded onto the top shell.  Add the optional EEZI-AWN K9 load bar set and you can carry Maxtrax, mount a solar panel etc on top of your Blade.  Photos show the load bar set installed (eye bolts available separately). As with all EEZI-AWN roof racks and load bar sets, the Blade load bars are all metal  - no plastic - it's aluminium and powder coated stainless steel construction - simply the very best.


Store bedding and ladder inside the tent. The domed section near the rear of the aerodynamic shell maintains space sufficient to fit your bedding.  Store the ladder inside the tent, or in your vehicle.  A heavy duty canvas case is provided to store the ladder in, so that the inside of the tent (or vehicle) is always kept clean and dry.


Internal LED lighting 

A high quality National Luna brand LED light is installed on the ceiling, with a 3 position switch that's easily reached from your sleeping position - half, full and off.


Adverse weather ready.  Nothing performs in adverse weather like our clamshell design hard shell tents!  In high winds the fly on the Blade can be instantly zipped flat against the tent body, where it cannot flap and risk of damage occuring in extreme weather is greatly minimised. Aids in a quiet night's sleep.

  • Expert Review

    SA4x4 (South Africa) Product Test & Review

    "Slim, sturdy and protective are three adjectives I’d use to describe the new Eezi-Awn Blade rooftop tent. Protected from the elements by a lightweight alloy case that will never fade or crack, the Blade is built to last".


    "The slimline design means the tent weighs in at a very decent 72kg (for a hardshell) and as a bonus this makes the tent fairly aerodynamic. During our recent 2 500km trip into the hinterland of the Northern Cape, it never rattled, caused noticeable drag, or let in dust, the latter a key advantage over fold-out designs that use a vinyl cover".

  • Specifications

    Closed Footprint : 2200mm L x 1450mm W

    Closed Front Height : 165mm Closed Back Height : 320mm H

    Open Back Height : 1400mm H

    Built-In Mattress : 2135mm L x 1320mm W x 80mm H

    Max Mounting Height: 2130mm

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