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EEZI-AWN Blade roof tent


Latest 2024 model has built in USB charging points and upgraded Anderson connector.


The Blade suits buyers prepared to pay a little more to take a huge step up in quality of materials, year round performance, comfort and product lifetime. 


Hand-made at EEZI-AWN's world leading facility in Johannesburg, South Africa. For 40 years EEZI-AWN has produced the world's leading commercial & expedition-grade roof tents, proven on every major continent on Earth over decades. 


The BLADE features an insulated shell and is made with vastly superior South African canvas. EEZI-AWN dual layers this superior canvas through much of the BLADE's body. The canvas is 260gsm and where dual layered is equivalent to 520gsm.


Canvas specs/weights alone have little meaning in NZ, where most tents are made with polyester or Chinese grades of canvas that simply don't compare to the quality of the South African canvas used on EEZI-AWN products.  EEZI-AWN canvas is still traditionally woven in Cape Town; it needs to be seen & touched to fully appreciate the quality advantage. EEZI-AWN's canvas has been know to last decades.


The 80mm SABS approved mattress, being up to twice as thick, is equally superior and comfortable. 


Quality National Luna brand name LED lighting is permanently installed in the tent, along with USB charging points for your phone or tablet.


The BLADE comes with EEZI-AWN K9 tracks welded on top and ready to take a roof load - e.g. Maxtrax or a permanently mounted solar panel etc. Accessories can be added either using EEZI-AWN K9 load bars, or the new EEZI-AWN Blade roof rack kit. The latter is angled with the roof line to permit transportation of longer roof loads.


Something the XpeditioNZ team particulary notes about the BLADE (and same applies to the STEALTH) is the huge size of the rear awning. These huge flys (canvas, not polyester) provide unrivalled weather protection when choosing to use the rear door to access the tent in heavy rain.


Wind storm ready. The huge canvas fly just mentioned can be rapidly zippered against the tent body in the event of a severe windstorm, and this can be done from inside the tent. This sounds simple, but remains an unmatched feature of the EEZI-AWN Blade/Stealth. In this mode there is minimal canvas to flap in the wind, lessening the risk of damage and ensuring a quieter nights sleep


Aerodynamic profile. Only 160mm at the front, but 320mm towards the rear. The rear section of the aerodynamic shell maintains space sufficient to fit your bedding. Store the ladder inside the tent, or in your vehicle. A heavy duty canvas case is provided to store the ladder in.



  • Expert Review

    SA4x4 (South Africa) Product Test & Review

    "Slim, sturdy and protective are three adjectives I’d use to describe the new Eezi-Awn Blade rooftop tent. Protected from the elements by a lightweight alloy case that will never fade or crack, the Blade is built to last".


    "The slimline design means the tent weighs in at a very decent 72kg (for a hardshell) and as a bonus this makes the tent fairly aerodynamic. During our recent 2 500km trip into the hinterland of the Northern Cape, it never rattled, caused noticeable drag, or let in dust, the latter a key advantage over fold-out designs that use a vinyl cover".

  • Specifications

    Closed Footprint : 2200mm L x 1450mm W

    Closed Front Height : 165mm Closed Back Height : 320mm H

    Open Back Height : 1400mm H

    Built-In Mattress : 2135mm L x 1320mm W x 80mm H

    Max Mounting Height: 2130mm

$6,390.00 Regular Price
$5,990.00Sale Price
GST Included |
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