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EEZI-AWN K9 Clamp Mount Roof Rack

CLAMP mount platform rack for any make/model with raised roof rails

The same sleek & aesthetically pleasing, South African engineered roof rack as all our EEZI-AWN K9 platforms, but provided with a clamp mount fitting kit to suit all makes/models with raised roof rails.  Ideal for 200 Series, Prado, Pajero and many others.


"All up, the K9 is the most versatile, practical and rugged rack I’ve ever seen or used.... It’s hard to pick a fault with the K9 and I’d give it a 99/100 score". 

4x4 Australia.


Key Features


  • Different widths and lengths to suit different makes/models - 200 Series, Prado, Pajero, Ranger Wildtrack etc. Any vehicle with factory raised roof rails.
  • EEZI-AWN CLAMP mounts offer a superior construction!  Robust and long lasting, they're made from extruded aluminium - no plastic. Very easy to install at home.
  • Fully factory welded rack construction - no plastic inserts! The alloy planks on K9 racks are neither held together with plastic/nylon corner inserts, nor bolted or riveted together, as mainstream brand racks are. Fully welded construction achieves maximal strength. It also means no user assembly of the rack is required, saving substantial assembly/installation time.
  • Unparalleled versatility. Not one, but two 8mm slots on each alloy plank, and a 6mm slot right around the perimeter, enable K9 racks to more readily secure every load. The outer 6mm track is compatible with some Thule and Yakima products, making for a very lifestyle compatible system.
  • Alloy wind deflector included as standard with every K9 rack. This helps to ensure K9 roof racks have the exceptional manners on the open road to match their leading design aesthetics. Alloy planks that run the length of the vehicle roof, not crossways, further assist in naturally reducing wind noise.
  • Versatile range of accessories available. Purpose made brackets and mounts for shovels, Maxtrax, spare wheels, jerry cans, hi lift jacks and awnings are all available, and much more. Or keep it simple with EEZI-AWN eye bolts - these attach anywhere on the rack, including around the perimeter, and can be used with standard ratchet straps for a practical, low cost solution.  A robust stainless steel EEZI-AWN table is one of our favourite optional accessories. It slides beneath the rack (taking no space on the rack) and is very quick & convenient to setup. 
  • Proven 'Africa proof'... so 'anywhere proof'! At any given time around 100 rental fleet 4wd's and utes, fitted with EEZI-AWN K9 racks (and EEZI-AWN roof tents and other gear), are permanently off-road exploring South Africa, Namibia and Botswana. No K9 rack has ever come loose or come off, and incredibly where these vehicles are recovered following a rollover accident, the EEZI-AWN K9 rack is usually still in place and intact!


Introductory offer: For a limited time, the laser cut stainless steel bottle opener accessory (see photo) is being given away free with every rack sold.  Mount it anywhere on the perimeter of the K9 roof rack.  Mounting hardware included.


We can install, or arrange professional installation near you.  However, this particular kit is the easiest to fit.  Taking only minutes and requiring only standard tools, most customers will be able to easily install this kit at home themselves.  

  • Expert Reviews

    "South African company Eezi-Awn has developed a true expedition-strength, flat-deck roof rack that delivers superior carrying capacity, as well as low wind noise and minimal drag".


    "All up, the K9 is the most versatile, practical and rugged rack I’ve ever seen or used.... It’s hard to pick a fault with the K9 and I’d give it a 99/100 score".

    4x4 Australia


    "For extra strength, the K9 rack is welded as opposed to being bolted together to prevent any rattling over time. The K9’s longitudinal slat design and slim 35mm profile are designed to reduce both wind resistance and wind noise, aided by a deflector panel up front. This makes the K9 rack perfect for fitment on an SUV where wind noise is an important consideration".

    SA4x4 (South Africa)

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