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Bushtech Gullwing Window Replacement for Suzuki Jimny incl Cupboard

Bushtech Gullwing Window Replacement for Suzuki Jimny incl Cupboard

Gullwing rear side window replacement for Suzuki Jimny, engineered in South Africa by Bushtech. Includes carpeted cupboard unit for interior.


A seriously engineered complete kit, importantly including a subframe to mount and hinge the gullwing.


Carpeted cupboard is included as part of the package. Turn it into a dedicated kitchen, recovery gear storage, secure camera gear storage etc.


The subframe mounts where your window glass was, and the gullwing is based off the subframe. It's a very clean, professional install, with excellent finish quality.


Bushtech is more commonly known (in South Africa and around the world) for making exceptionally strong, expertly engineered aluminium ute canopies. But they've also developed a specialism in highly engineered upgrades for the Suzuki Jimny. 


  • An extremely well-engineered, full window replacement.
  • Constructed from high-grade smooth aluminium plate, finished in a textured black powder coat
  • Hinges mount to a unique sub-frame, not onto the Jimny vehicle body, as seen with some cheaply built alternatives that lack a subframe
  • 2 x large pressure lever locks.  These are the same pressure locks as have been proven on superior Bushtech canopies for years
  • Available to fit left or right side
  • Left side kits already have the correct length gas strut to accommodate an awning on that side.
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