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90 Litre Dual Control Fridge/Freezer

90 Litre Dual Control Fridge/Freezer

National Luna - Over 30 years of world leading commercial-grade portable refrigeration - now in NZ.


Originally designed to WHO standards for the transportation of medicines across Sub Saharan Africa, National Luna fridges are a preferred brand for global 4wd overland use. Built to withstand and perform in some of the most torturous conditions on Earth, whilst drawing minimal 12v current over a 24 hour period. 


Still built in South Africa to commercial, medical-grade standard, National Luna stainless steel fridges have won numerous awards and head-to-head independent fridge performance tests over the years. 


The superior insulation in National Luna fridges (injected into the strong stainless steel cabinet at higher pressures to produce thicker and denser insulation) is responsible for some of the lowest 24 hour current draw figures possible. It's so effective the insulated covers used by other fridge brands are rendered completely unnecessary on National Luna fridges. 


NL90 - Dual Compartment - Dual Control Fridge Freezer

The NL 90 Legacy Stainless Steel Refrigerator & Freezer is the NL60s’ bigger brother. Twin thermostats allow settings of dual-fridge, dual-freezer or a combination of both. The freezer compartment features class leading 60mm insulation.


  • Dual Compartment Fridge/Freezer
  • Unique Dual-control Technology
  • National Luna Off-road Compressor
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Thermostat range 20ºC to -18ºC (right bin)
  • Thermostat range 20ºC to -24ºC (Left bin)
  • 42mm High density polyurethane insulation (Right bin)
  • 60mm High density polyurethane insulation (Left bin)
  • Battery protection
  • Internal LED Light
  • Stainless steel Latches
  • 5 x Baskets
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Specifications

    • 39.1L (left bin) + 46.2L (right bin)
    • 9.6-31Vdc & 100-240Vac
    • 5 x baskets
    • 835 x 495 x 535mm (Closed)
    • 835 x 495 x 980mm (Open)
    • Weight – 33.5 kg
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