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EEZI-AWN K9-214a Stealth Fitting Kit

EEZI-AWN Stealth to K9 Rack Fitting Kit

For mounting an EEZI-AWN STEALTH, BLADE or SWORD hard shell roof tent onto an EEZI-AWN K9 platform rack.


This set comes with four 2-piece aluminum clamps. They are designed to fasten perpendicular to the K9 Roof Rack slats, which run front to back, and will set the tent almost flush with your rack.


These mounts also provide a broader adjustable base for a tent that does not align with the K9 Roof Rack slats.


Installation is as simple as tightening three screws per clamp. One side of the clamp connects to the included Installation Kit hardware with a screw; this assembly then slides into the extrusions running length-wise on the base, setting the clamp flush against the tent. The second clamp piece is connected to the original with a screw, creating an interior enclosure and allowing the two pieces to pivot open and closed while you position it on the rack. The third screw locks the clamp into position on the K9 Roof Rack.

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