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Quick Ensuite Box Unit

Quick Pitch Quick Ensuite - Box Unit

Similar to the bag unit, but contained in a very long life aluminium case. Unmatched on the NZ market.


Made in South Africa, the original 8 second Quick Pitch Quick Ensuite offers a superior frame set and materials. 


Super fast to set up. Serious overland brand - better quality of fabric and construction compared to others.


Easy height adjustment to suit your vehcle height.


  • Box made from 2 mm aluminium, oxidized and powder coated.
  • 3 click-in hinges able to withstand 12kg
  • 2 stainless steel knock overs to secure the box once closed.
  • Arm brackets made from 3mm mild steel, treated and powder coated.
  • The three arms made from 3mm aluminum oxidized and powder coated.
  • Curtain is made from a durable material, silver on the inside for light retention and safari green on the outside. It has adjustable straps to be adjusted for each vehicle at any height. One duel sided zip on the left front corner allows access to the cubical and two interior zips allows access to the vehicle.
  • The unit is 1100mm long, 210 mm high and 100 mm thick.
  • It has four 8mm mounting holes on the back to enable you to mount to any surface.
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