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Quick Pitch Mini Kitchen Mk2

Quick Pitch Complete Mini Kitchen

This unique pullout kitchen lifts and stacks the fridge above the drawer when closed. Or in reverse, lowers the fridge to working height when the kitchen is pulled out.


Ronny Dahal has a great product review video here:


This is effectively a fully featured kitchen drawer and fridge drop slide all in one intelligently designed unit.


Latest 2nd generation design, with 2 prep tables and the cutlery drawer pulling out from the front.


Goods can also be stored on top of the mini kitchen and secured within laser cut slots for tie down points, this means that the whole area can be optimally used from the bottom all the way to the top of your vehicle.


Available in two sizes, to suit 50 litre or 60 litre fridge freezers. Note that we also sell the far superior National Luna South African 12v fridge/freezers, which perfectly fit these units.


See the Mini Kitchen in action in this video:

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