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National Luna DC40 Portable Power Pack

National Luna Power Pack DC40 - Commercial-Grade Portable Power Solution

A quality portable 12v power system for overlanders, campers and anyone needing to STAY off-grid longer. Unrivalled capability where some of the use of this product will be in a vehicle. Unlike portable power stations, here's a system you don't need to keep bringing home to fully recharge at a wall socket.

Trendy looking portable power stations typically charge in your car at 7.5amps... meaningless in the real word. The DC40 power pack can charge at 40amps via the in-built DC-DC charger with 6 stage intelligent algorithm.

Supports multiple battery types, including AGM and Lithium.

Can handle a huge 600 watts of solar input (up to 42v panels) through the quality MPPT solar regulator. Got a wind turbine or other DC source? Plug that in too - yellow input.

Fully fused. 4x 18W USB, 2x 12v sockets, 2x 50A Anderson, 1x Hella/Merit. Connect inverter for 230v.


COMES COMPLETE WITH all the very heavy duty (6B&S) cables, fuses and Anderson connectors needed to simply plug this box in at the back of your vehicle. 


National Luna has been the preferred name in commercial 4wd and medical grade 12v fridges and portable 12/24v power for over 30 years. Gear that serious 4wd expedition groups and the medical sector relies on in Africa and around the globe.


In Detail:


The super-sized Power Pack DC40 takes portable power to a new level with a true 40A charge current, 600W solar regulator and additional DC input source.


Several outputs are provided including 4 x QuickCharge USB ports, standard 12V automotive sockets and 50A heavy-duty couplers.


The Power Pack DC40 can be charged from a vehicle alternator, solar panels, DC source such as wind generator or AC-DC power supply as well as external battery chargers.


Connect an optional remote display to monitor battery voltage, charge current, battery temperature and charge state.



  • Built-in 40A DC-DC multi-stage charger
  • Battery voltage gauge
  • 1 x Dedicated solar input
  • 1 x Auxiliary DC input (for use with DC sources 11V to 32V)
  • 2 x Dual QuickCharge USB modules (up to 18W per port)
  • 3 x DC Sockets standard (2 x Cigar, 1 x Hella)
  • 2 x 50A input/output ports
  • Intelligent Charger port (charger available separately)
  • Dimensions : 498mm x 280mm x 306mm (L x W x H)
  • Max battery size : 325mm x 180mm x 280mm (L x W x H)
  • Battery not included


DC-DC Features :

  • True 40A output current
  • 6-stage intelligent charge algorithm
  • 12V and 24V input
  • Smart-alternator compatible
  • 40A, 600W MPPT solar regulator
  • Supports solar panels up to 42V(N.B. this is important)
  • Supports AGM, Gel, Wet, Calcium, Lithium-Ion/LiFePO4 batteries
  • Battery temperature compensation for safe charging
  • Short-circuit protected
  • Reverse-polarity protected
  • Over-voltage protected
  • Over-temperature protected


N.B. Due to the high power output we only recommend this is used with Lithium LifePo4 batteries. Two batteries our customers find fit the box well and are readily available are the Powertech SB2215 and the Vision SP12, both of which are 100ah Lithium batteries offering long lifepspans at up to 80% depth of discharge.



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