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Bushtech Foam Kitchen Insert

Foam Kitchen Insert for Cupboard, Fully Equipped

The Bushtech kitchen cupboard inserts are the perfect kitchen setup for avid campers and overlanders.


  • Suitable for 4 people.
  • Perfect for a quick coffee.
  • Tight fitting rattle free sponge insert.
  • A must on any camping trip.


The Bushtech kitchen cupboard inserts are mounted into our standard cupboards.

The specially designed foam cut-outs come standard with:

1 X Foam insert

4 X Dinner plates

4 X Side plates

4 X Bowls

4 X Mugs

4 X Drinking Glasses

4 X Teaspoons

1 X Large Lighter

1 X 2.5L Kettle

4 X 400ml Tupperware


Product Dimensions:

70cmL x 44cmH x 19cmD


Material: Laser cut EPDM sponge with ABS, Glass and stainless steel fittings


N.B. A cupboard unit must also be purchased. This product is just the insert.

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