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EEZI-AWN Maxtrax mount for K9 Roof Racks

EEZI-AWN Maxtrax Bracket for K9 Roof Racks

Set of EEZI-AWN Maxtrax brackets to secure Maxtrax on your K9 roof rack. These brackets are designed to work with original Maxtrax pins, in order to offer maximum security for your Maxtrax, whilst also making your Maxtrax as fast as possible to remove and refit.


Provided complete with everything needed for installation.


Maxtrax pins are not provided because you will need different pins to suit your model Maxtrax, and the number of them, that you need to mount. The brackets work with all Maxtrax pins, and hence can be used to mount 2 or 4 Maxtrax, in any combination of Classic or Xtreme.


You will be able to lock your Maxtrax - this feature is on the pins.

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