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Bushtech Tailgate and Load Box Dust Sealing Kit

Bushtech Tailgate and Load Box Complete Dust Sealing Kit

Ultimate dust proofing kit for ute wellsides and tailgates. Proven daily in Africa on permanently off-road fleets.

From the manufacturer of the ultimate aluminium ute canopies comes this superior complete dust proofing solution for your ute.

A pair of laser cut and folded plates specific to each make/model, rubbers, foams and silicon to completely seal both your tailgate and wellside.

Can be used with other brand canopy or hard lid. For maximum results you would ideally use this with an Africa proven Bushtech Aluminium canopy, which feature specially developed seals not available on other canopies made/sold in NZ.

By far the strongest, most dust & weather proof ute canopies available in NZ by a long distance.

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