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EEZI-AWN 3-in-in

EEZI-AWN 3 in 1

The 3 in 1 is the camp accessory you might not have known you were searching for, but which will quickly become indespensible.


Very sturdily built! Made from a section of EEZI-AWN K9 true expedition-grade aluminium roof rack, fitted with folding legs and supplied with its own real canvas case. 


Unlike other camp tables this is reassuringly strong enough to use as a step stool to get up to your roof rack, and also makes the ideal extra seat should an extra guest arrive... can't do that with other little camp tables sold in NZ.


But we think it's best use is as the ultimate accessory to compliment one or two EEZI-AWN K9 Chairs, as a side table for your cup of coffee, laptop or book.  


The 3-in-1 is easily strong enough to take your full weight.


Being of welded aluminium construction the 3-in-1 will likely last decades!


Available in black or green powdercoat, and provided with heavy duty canvas case.  Lightweight and packs flat, so it always fits in the back of your vehicle.  



  • Specifications

    When set up dimensions are:

    Height: 400mm
    Length: 405mm
    Width: 260mm

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