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EEZI-AWN K9 Roof Rack 100 Series Land Cruiser

100 Series Land Cruiser 1400x2200mm Complete K9 Roof Rack Kit

EEZI-AWN K9 roof racks are built very differently from others. Purpose designed to withstand more severe & sustained 4wd use than the mainstream brands you know can handle.


But they're also attractive roof racks that offer an ultra low 35mm profile, whisper quiet performance and extra versatility with twice the number of tracks/channels.


Developed and tested over two years in Africa to be the world's toughest roof racks. Proven on every major continent on Earth by serious global 4wd expedition groups.


How is a true commercial expedition-grade roof rack built differently? Flip them over to see how they're built. No other brand sold in NZ is engeineered like this:


  • Super heavy duty support structure beneath the main planks, welded in. No other roof rack brand sold in NZ is engineered like this!
  • Thick alloy corner sections welded in. Gone are the plastic/nylon corner inserts and rivets/screws that hold other roof racks together.
  • Developed over a two year period at EEZI-AWN's world renowned facility in South Africa, where for 40 years some of the world's best 4wd overland gear has been designed & manufactured.
  • Unmatched 10 powder coated all metal track mount legs achieve unmatched load distribution between the superior, reinforced platform rack and the super robust EEZI-AWN K9 vehicle roof tracks.
  • Alloy wind deflector included at no extra charge, while front to rear plank arrangement naturally create less wind noise/resistance.
  • Twin 8mm channels on every plank, plus a 6mm perimeter track. Many more mounting combinations. And the tracks take a standard bolt head from any hardware store, not a fiddly channel nut that's hard to source.
  • Many EEZI-AWN K9 rack accessories available here:


Look beyond popular mainstream brands for much better gear for serious 4wd overland builds.

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