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National Luna LED Touch Light - White

National Luna LED Touch Light - White

We believe these to be the best LED lights on the NZ market for your caravan/motorhome, marine or 4wd overland project. Ideal addition to our Bushtech aluminium canopies.


A very high quality weatherproof (IP66) 12v LED light from top South African overland 12v electrical brand National Luna.


The new Weatherproof Touch Lights are compact, versatile LED lights that combine exceptionally high efficiency with intense brightness for any interior or exterior 12Vdc or 24Vdc application.


3-in-1 Touch Light with ‘Strobe’ function The advanced touch control provides 3 brightness levels as well as a unique strobe function.


Standby Light (Find in the Dark) The touch button is illuminated by a soft backlight when turned OFF. This standby light is useful for locating the button in complete darkness.


  • Advanced Power Management
  • Power management ensures constant power and brightness over changing voltage conditions.
  • Protection against unstable and varying power sources is also included.
  • The automatic economy and shut-down functions further reduce power consumption in battery applications.
  • The light will automatically switch to the low power function to conserve energy - eventually switching off at 10Vdc. (This prevents excessive discharge and permanent damage to a battery)
  • 10Vdc – 30Vdc operation
  • 250 x 38 x 12mm
  • 3 Power levels: touch button , emergency strobe function and standby light
  • IP66 Weatherproof



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