These are the fastest ground tents you'll ever set up, even if not as quick as most roof tents.  With very good canvas and overall build quality, the Oztent offers a sound choice for those who simply prefer a ground tent, are planning to set up in one spot for a while, or small families on the move. 


For anyone in the Christchurch or North Canterbury area, we have a demonstration model in stock that you are welcome to view and have a go setting up, to see if an Oztent is right for you.

A few other Oztent tips that might help your decision:

  • Up to RV3 size the internal metal frame aligns with the rear of the tent.  RV4, RV5 and SV5-Max all have a further fabric section that is pulled back and pegged - this takes only a little additional time, but pegging along the rear is always needed.

  • Sizes are not overly generous, which is why you may want to consider a size up.  For instance, the SV-5 Max (the new largest size) will not accommodate a pair of double mattresses.  However, it can still sleep a family of up to 5.  We can advise on a suitable (and super comfortable) ground mattress setup.

  • Oztent's long running '30 second tent' marketing claims relate purely to the part where you stand the tent up.  Of course, in practice you still need to remove the tent from it's bag, preferably lay a groundsheet, and peg it out.  If there's any wind present guy lines should also be pegged out.  All this clearly doesn't happen in 30 seconds.  However, I can set up an Oztent, from roof rack to erected on a ground sheet and pegged out (not guy lines), in around 8 minutes.  This is still exceptionally fast and I'm not aware of any ground tent that can match this.  A roof tent will always be quicker, especially when you consider that your mattress is already in the tent.

  • Some people don't like that Oztent's are heavy and around 2 metres long.  Any high quality robust tent will be heavy, so that's just a necessary compromise.  The 2 metre length certainly is a major issue for anyone car camping with a sedan or small hatchback, but not really an issue for those with a suitable roof rack on a 4wd.  It's easy enough to slide an Oztent up on one of our awesome EEZI-AWN K9 platform racks.